Venni aunty the real guru

Venni aunty the real guru

Hi, I’m Veer again. Those of you, who have read my first inspiring sexperience with Chinni, must be waiting to read my even greater sexperience with her mother Veni Aunty. The very next day after Chinni initiated me into sex even though she’s only 16, and four years younger to me, her 35-year-old mother Veni Aunty asked me how it was with Chinni. I lied to Veni Aunty by
praising Chinni wide knowledge in computers.
Veni Aunty laughed when I said that and then told me that Chinni had revealed all the whole truth of what had occurred between Chinni and me the previous day. I was so shocked and embarrassed that I wanted to run away to hide my face. I was also shivering with fear that if Veni Aunty reported this to my mother Chinni’s father Raghu Uncle, then my parents could beat the hell out of me. Luckily Veni Aunty convinced me that she won’t report to anyone and that she understands such things are natural between two youngsters if left alone at home. She also was aware that it was not the first time for Chinni. I wished I had such understanding parents.


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