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Hello all guys and gals hope you are doing well. Today I am going to share an incident which happened to me when I was 19 in my full youthfulness I’m Rahul and I am from Hyderabad, This is a real story actually my first experience of having a sexual encounter with my Mothers Sister my aunt.

Now let me explain my aunt, she was then in her mid 30s but still she was looking very young. She was fair as milk and had a very cute face. She was a widow with no children. She had an attractive sexy figure. 38D-28-36, Shruthi is her name. I never had any bad intention towards her, so never looked at feminine part of her and but to me she was very beautiful.

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I was 18 years I’d been to my aunt’s house for some reason that’s when I saw that she was coming from her bath. She just had a towel around her. I could see her breast trying to come out of her towel and shouting to be squeezed. From that day I’d been thinking of her bulging breast and her big ass and masturbate very often imaging her beautiful sexy body.

Her husband who died a year before who could able to give her a child because of severe weakness coming to the incident it all happened on a Sunday. We got 2 invitations of marriage on that day. So my parents asked her to visit one and we were going to one to the weddings. This was my day. I was then thinking of a sexy story, which I’d read the previous day then, I went to my sexy house.

She had just come from a marriage and changed. She was in a transparent nighty and I could see her white bra with same bulging breast but, that day, since I was tensed she took a note of that but I did not mind. My rod was quite thick and straight. She took me inside the house. I walked in and said that my mom had called her. I could not speak properly and was very red with temptation boiling inside me.

I wanted to make it with her that day so I was thinking of a plan. She sat before me in the opposite sofa. I was just looking around tensed, when she asked me all sorts of questions and I and aunt had been good friends until then and we both shared almost everything with each other and I said, “Aunty nowadays when I look at young girls I feel very tensed.

I am very attracted towards them my body hair becomes erect. What do you feel when you see me? God, I’d been waiting for this. I replied immediately, aunty don’t mistake me, to be frank I’ve been fantasizing about you since I was 18 that was the first time when I saw in the towel I was so aroused that day looking at your beauty.

Your breast is the most attractive part I’ve fantasized about apart from your lips and ass. She was startled and shocked her mouth was open wide and then she said with a smile on her face don’t imagine them anymore, today I’m going to show them once again poor baby you have been waiting to see me for the last 4 years and I was shocked. She then slowly unhooked and dropped her nighty on the floor.

I was just amazed and shocked for a movement for the first time in my life I was seeing women in front of me nude that too the one who I’ve been dreaming for years.She asked me to close the main door and come and asked me to keep this a secret. I just jumped over and closed the main door and came back to the master bedroom here she was lying on the bed in her black bra and panty.

She asked me to come beside her and I slowly crept beside her and kissed deeply on the lips, sucking her lower and upper lips mm it was such a beautiful experience. I kissed her on the forehead, lips, and cheeks, neck and slowly moved towards her breast. My hand was pressing her right boob soft and hard and she started to moan aaahhh meliga ra slowly baby. I started to explain each of her body part and the beauty in them.

She was impressed inch by inch and we slowly undressed each other she removed my pant along with my underwear and could see my 8inch dick Saluting her beauty. She was amazed and said, this big? My God you have grown up quick. I remember the days I used to give u bath and you had a small dick. I was smiling and said but now it’s not small at all aunties it has been longing to fuck you for 4 long years.

It’s hungry for you and today is my day and dream come true saying this I immediately starting sucking and licking her feet her toes um sucking them in my mouth. She was shouting uuuuuhhh and she was pulling my hair with her one hand and running her other hand on my bare back pulling me upwards and kept my face and my mouth on her breast and I was sucking her pinkish brown nipples ummmm that was a hot erotic feeling.

I then kissed her all over her face, on her lips and pressing my chest against her breast and taking maximum heat. I was giving her soft peaks of kisses on her ear lobes and sucking them softly by which she was laughing and was getting aroused at the same time. She was just moaning uhhhhhh” I was rolling my tongue around her nipples and then again biting them when the moan went high I kissed her and pressed her body hard against my body.

She was playing with my hardened rod. It became hard like never ever before I had never seen it so big suddenly she pushed me over and took over my big long dick to play. She first gave a soft kiss to my dick and she started licking it like a lollypop. Wow as it went into her mouth in between her lips I could feel her grip on my dick soft and wetting it was going in and out of her mouth and I was just enjoying every second of it.

She then rubbed it against her breast my rod became even harder. Just a touch to her sharp nipples and it became harder. She played with my balls. I was about to cum and I said her same. She kept it on her face and said Ippudu Cheyii now. My cream busted out like showers and fell on her nude body, face, breast etc. She cleaned my dick licking it, but my dick had gone down.

I started figure fucking, she now slept and asked me to lick her cunt. She asked me go in a 69 position and I kissed her thighs all over and kissed her cunt first. I inserted my tongue into her cunt and started to fuck her by tongue. I was enjoying her juices. She was saying yes, more do more fuck me now yes meanwhile my rod was regaining energy as she was licking my balls.

I asked my aunt to kiss it and give a slow and slight massage slowly it regained its energy like a hungry tiger. She asked me to fuck her and guided my penis into her Hole but I did not send it at once I wanted to tease her so I made my dick kiss her pussy lips and clit umm she was shouting and moaning and asking me to fuck her wild I slowly started sending it in her and moving back and forth slowly she was enjoying it her pussy walls had been quite tight, wet and hot.

I slowly started to increased my speed now it was able to feel the heat inside her cunt, she was arching her body towards me and God she started to scream louder uhhhhhhhhh fast faster yes ya haaa do that aha Dengauuu ra Nanu Dengu Gattigga fuck me baby fuck me harder after few strokes we rotated on the bed, now I was below her and she was above me.

She put my dick to her cunt and started going up and down, she was literally guiding her cunt in every jump ohhhhh aaahha noises were heard. We cum against each other and we lied nude next to each other for some time and we took bath in hot water. We had a final long lip to lip kiss and then left. My Grand Parents later forced her to remarry a person and she is married now.


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